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With Cadillac’s 2013 XTS Luxury Sedan, the Future is Now

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So many of us grew up wondering what innovations the future would hold for transportation.  We were caught up in dreams of hover boards, jet packs, and convenient moon trips on rocket ships.  It was easy to feel disappointed when those dreams didn’t follow us into adulthood; fortunately, Cadillac seeks to revive that childlike sense of wonder in consumers with its 2013 XTS Luxury Sedan.

New to the 2013 XTS is the ground-breaking CUE (Cadillac User Interface), which enables the driver to interact with their car in a manner previously only possible in dreams and fiction.  With CUE, every piece of information or entertainment is at the driver’s fingertips or just mere words away.

CUE allows the user to access everything from their music and phone to navigation and climate control.   The user can utilize CUE’s features in any one of three ways: through a steering wheel controller, via the touch screen interface on the first-of-its-kind center console, or through industry-first implementation of Natural Voice Recognition.

With additional innovations, such as Automatic Front and Rear Breaking, Safety Alert Seats, and revolutionary radar technology, the 2013 XTS Luxury Sedan is a vehicle for the driver who wants something that is modern, yet still a step into tomorrow.


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