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Witness Driving App Review: Dash Cam Made Easy

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Witness Driving App

The Witness Driving app turns your smart phone into a functional dash cam. The app is simple to use and could certainly be a great asset in the unfortunate case that you get into an accident. Witness Driving requires that you mount the phone on your windshield and is 0.69 Pence (about $1.00) from the App Store and on Google Play.

In order for the app to benefit you, you have to make sure to mount it and press record every time you get in the car – but that’s about all you have to do. Witness Driving records everything happening through your windshield along with date, speed, position, and G-forces on a rolling loop, so you don’t fill up your phone’s memory with useless footage.

Witness Driving conveniently breaks the footage into separate segments, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. The app can store up to an hour of footage, and in the event of an incident, simply push the ‘save’ button on the screen to make sure that segment isn’t recorded over.

A map stores all speed and time data associated with every location along your route so you can easily find the location of an incident. Also included is the Accident Management System, which helps you record important information, stores your insurance details, and can send crash notification to an email of your choice.

What’s not to like? Witness Driving is simple to use, even while on-the-go, and could provide proof and protection in the event of an accident – we’d say that’s worth much more than a dollar!