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Woman Blames Hit-and-Run Crash on Dog, Receives Bat on Nose

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A 33-year-old woman told police that her car allegedly striking an apartment complex was her dog’s fault, and that the police should arrest the canine.

You’re going away for a long time this time, Rover – one whole dog year. So, like, a few weeks.

Unfortunately, as many fathers across the world know, there are certain things you just can’t blame on the dog.

Officers found Christina Anna Marie Lamoreaux in her apartment, after witnesses told police that the woman had hit the building then left. According to officers, Lamoreaux admitted she was driving, but blamed the accident on the dog, saying that police should arrest the dog and claiming that she had driven away from the crash because she intended to pay for the damage.

Police tried to have Lamoreaux take a sobriety test (according to police, she smelled of alcohol and seemed confused), but Lamoreaux refused and resisted officers’ subsequent attempts to arrest her.

Lamoreaux was charged with DUI, hit and run involving property damage, and resisting arrest. No word yet on charges levied for the dog, but some believe that prosecutors could push for the maximum punishment of a light bop on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper and not letting the dog in the bed until it starts whining, because who’s the cutest little puppy in the world?

Labrador puppy

You are! Yes you are!

News Source: The Daily Commercial