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Woman Rescued After Car Gets Tangled in Power Lines, Insurance Agent Weeps Uncontrollably

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A car was left dangling from a utility pole near Medina, Tennessee, and a woman was eventually rescued after what has generally (and accurately) been called a “freak accident.”

Apparently, so far as Medina police could tell, early in the morning, while driving, the woman’s car left the road and hit a fence. The car ran along the fence until it reached a set of guy-wires, which ran from the pole to the ground. From there, the car was propelled up the wires, got one wheel wrapped in a horizontal wire, leaving the car hanging. According to Medina police, “speed was likely a factor.”


Rescue crews eventually arrived about two hours later, smashed the driver’s side window, and used a bucket truck to retrieve the woman, lowering her safely to the ground.

Unfortunately, there is no word on whether there is any truth to rumors of disappointed-looking giant children holding a stick and blindfold.

Surprisingly, police said that there was no indication that drugs, alcohol, or medical conditions played a role in the crash, and thankfully she was not badly hurt. The same probably cannot be said of the woman’s insurance provider, after learning that she had turned her car into a unwieldy, uneven chandelier while completely sober.

In any case, she was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital for treatment, and has since been released. While police have not yet released her name, we have to assume that there are at least a few points now on her license, because really, what happens to you if you drive your car up a pole and hang it from the electrical wires?

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