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Working the Road: Today’s Best Apps for Ridesharing and Carpool Drivers

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Google Maps Navigation App

Google Maps is just one of many apps that can help with your rideshare business

Rideshare drivers know how important the use of apps is for their business. The whole business is based around a few select apps, be it Uber, Lyft, or some other up-and-coming ridesharing app.

There are a select few other apps that you’ll need both for the ride and to assist you in your business afterwards. These will help you on the job and can make you more money on the road, by maximizing your time management skills.

Must-Have Apps

Some of your most important apps come from the usual areas of importance. These being: getting around and knowing where you are going. Google Maps is one of the first apps that everyone is going to use when driving around. GPS is essential and nothing comes close to the power, proximity, and precision that the app offers its drivers.

Google Maps is a simple app to use and is fairly accurate. Google auto-completes the addresses and destinations put into them and allows for faster routes to be taken if traffic changes.

Another important app that not a lot of people think about having is one that can check the weather. A weather app by Apalon apps, can help a rideshare driver know if it’s going to be a good or bad time to get out on the road. Sometimes rain means that there won’t be many drivers out on the road, so a surge might be coming up that you can use that to your advantage.

It’s also really easy to use; the widget on the screen requires only a quick glance to tell you all you need to know.

Help on the Road

For drivers out there, it’s all about an ever-changing landscape with obstacles and traffic jams that can arise at any moment.

Waze is an app that gets real-time data from other drivers and allows you to put your own info in as well. These extra features can help you with the additional details to get where you need to be. It will catch anything that isn’t found on Google Maps.

Finally, an important app that many people fail to use is QuickBooks Self-Employed. Rideshare drivers are self-employed and with that they need to be diligent about accounting and know how to keep everything in order. It’s an important step that a lot of drivers unfortunately miss out on.

A lot of your expenses will be automatically taken out, allowing you to focus on being a better driver and getting the business you need to keep making money. There is a whole host of features that allow you to categorize things like driving expenses, miles driven, and anything else that may arise.

These apps are essential for becoming one of the most organized and top rideshare drivers out there.

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