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Yet Again, Hyundai Earns Acclaim for Customer Loyalty from Brand Keys

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Hyundai Santa Fe NFL promotion model at 2016 Chicago Auto Show

Hyundai has built its reputation in the United States around customer loyalty–even making it the focus of its college football sponsorship–and the strategy continues to pay off.

Tying yet again for the top spot with Ford in Brand Keys’ annual Customer Loyalty Index (automotive category), Hyundai has received national recognition for its ability to meet consumers’ emotional expectations. Year after year, Hyundai shows its intent to connect with its customers and meet the emotional and automotive needs of consumers.

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New York-based Brand Keys recognizes companies in 72 categories for their perceived emotional engagement, which is considered an indicator of consumer behavior and business profitability. However, this metric is difficult for automotive brands to achieve due to the diverse expectations of consumers.

Over the 21 years that Brand Keys has been surveying brand engagement and customer loyalty, Brand Keys has seen a steady trend toward more and more emotional influences.

“The consumer engagement process today is more dependent on emotional values than ever,” said Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys. “As rational attributes have become price-of-entry ‘givens’ for today’s consumers, emotional values have become more problematic for brands…These are the values that describe how consumers view the category, will compare brands and how they will engage with a brand, buy, remain loyal and profitable.”

Clearly, Hyundai’s business and market values align with its consumers through many sales, product, advertising, and communication initiatives. That’s what continues to keep them on the top as a leading automaker in the US.

Other automotive categories on the Customer Loyalty Index were Gasoline (won by Shell) and Car Insurance (tied by GEICO and Progressive).

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