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You Can Rent A Vacation-Planning Rental Car

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Alamo April Fools' Day PrankWhen you have vacation time and you actually have the resources to go on a trip, you come back to the office refreshed and ready for the challenges ahead. Sometimes the planning of those trips, especially complicated multi-city adventures or jaunts overseas, is more stressful than the work you’re trying to escape. Alamo has a new plan to help you skip the arduous planning and just hop in your rental car to start your adventure.

Alamo calls these of vehicles its “Self-Vacationing” fleet, and the car’s infotainment system can do everything from arranging hotel rooms, making dinner reservations, and ordering flowers. At the start of your trip, you answer a few simple questions from Alamo about your preferences and how long you’ll be in town and the company uses its patented Vacation Cruise Control Technology to plan out your whole trip. As if all of this wasn’t handy enough, the Self-Vacationing vehicles are also fully autonomous.

Some early reviewers (and the commercial for the cars) points out that this autonomous technology has a mind of its own, and it can get a bit snippy if you do not give credit where it’s due. Any issues with that are simple enough to avoid if you are a kind person who was properly taught how to say “please” and “thank you.”

Check out the fleet in action in Alamo’s latest commercial below.

In case you haven’t guessed yet, Alamo’s Self-Vacationing car is totally an April Fools’ Day prank. While we’re bummed that we still have to plan our own vacations, we’re glad that we get to choose our outings and dining spots in a new city, instead of a computer algorithm.