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6 Best Ford Christmas Gifts This Holiday Season

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Brace yourselves: the snow has started. At least, here at The News Wheel headquarters in Ohio it has. And while for most of us, the onslaught of snow is the most discouraging thing of the year, it does mean that Christmas is right around the corner. Ah, a silver lining.

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The only downside of Christmas, however, is shopping for those people in your life who never really know what they want. While we may not have an idea for everybody, we do have some ideas for all the Ford fans you know. Check out our thoughts on the six best Ford Christmas gifts this season.

6 Best Ford Christmas Gifts of 2014

Best Ford Christmas Gifts | Pinball MachineFord Mustang Boss Premium Pinball Machine

You guys might remember this from back at the Chicago Auto Show this year, when editor Timothy Moore caught the world’s pinball champion, Zach Sharpe, playing Mustang pinball. This gift, while incredibly awesome, might just break Santa’s bank, however, as it retails for $7,095.


Best Ford Christmas Gifts | CozyRunning Pony Can Cozy

Most Ford fans enjoy a nice cold one now and then. Help keep things cool with this Mustang beer cozy. The best part? It doesn’t retail for $7,095.


Best Ford Christmas Gifts | Power Wheels MustangFisher Price Power Wheels Ford Mustang

Have a youngster than can’t get enough of the Blue Oval? Then a Power Wheels Ford Mustang is the way to go. It reaches a top speed of 5 miles an hour and is good for kids ages 3 and up. And, from the look of the picture, it sure is helpful in helping your kid pick up chicks.


Best Ford Christmas Gifts | Tote BagBlue Ford Logo Canvas Tote Bag

Have a Ford fan in the family who is all about going to the gym? Let her show off her colors with this Ford tote bag, even shaped like the Blue Oval that represents the brand.


Best Ford Christmas Gifts | LampMustang Grille Sport Silver Lamp

Even the darkest of man caves need a little light. This lamp will fit in perfectly with your gift recipient’s beer signs, scandalous posters, and flat screen TV in the den.


Best Ford Christmas Gifts | Nail Polish

OPI Mustang Nail Lacquer Collection

To commemorate fifty years of the Mustang, OPI put out this fierce polish with colors just as bold as the ones we’ve seen on the Mustangs over the last half a century.


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