About The News Wheel

The News Wheel staff covering the 2018 Chicago Auto Show

The News Wheel staff covering the Chicago Auto Show

About The News Wheel

TheNewsWheel.com is a digital automotive magazine that provides readers with a fresh perspective on car news. We are proudly located in the heartland of America: Dayton, Ohio. Our mission is to deliver an entertaining twist on the latest auto headlines; translated for the everyday driver.

TheNewsWheel.com gathers over 600k pageviews per month, with steady readership across the world.

Our History:

The News Wheel Office

The News Wheel offices at Reynolds & Reynolds in Dayton, Ohio

The News Wheel publishes the latest automotive news, reviews, and exclusive interviews since 2013. The News Wheel is a product of Reynolds & Reynolds, one of the oldest names in the automotive industry.

With 150 years of trust built with dealerships nationwide for logistics solutions, Reynolds & Reynolds is a well-known authority on sales, service, and the future outlook for automotive dealerships, with digital innovations like Naked Lime Marketing services and TheNewsWheel.com.

The News Wheel Team:

The News Wheel bowling

The News Wheel editorial team goes bowling.

The News Wheel is curated by our in-house staff of editors and photographers, along with dealerships across the country that contribute unique insight into the automotive world.

Our motorhead staff does all the legwork, diving into auto shows and interviewing industry experts to harvest the newest ideas and insight on cars. The result is turning auto-talk into plain English for both car enthusiasts and casual readers.

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