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Chevrolet India Announces Vehicle Price Hike for 2017

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Mary Barra visited India this week.

Mary Barra rides shotgun in a Chevy Beat in India

Chevrolet India has announced a price rise coming to all Chevy models next year, effective beginning January 1, 2017. The estimated price increase for all vehicles in the Chevy India lineup will range from 1% to 3%, which will make automobiles approximately INR 30,000 higher.

“In the adverse market conditions the price hike is necessitated on account of higher manufacturing cost as the input prices surge year-on-year,” said Mr. Hardeep Brar, Vice President of Sales & Network at GM India. “In-line with the industry practice and rising manufacturing and other administrative cost, we proposed a price increase across our product line in India.”

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In the same press release, Chevrolet India attributes the rising cost to the increase in Foreign Exchange rates and high inflationary cost, including a sizeable uptick in raw material pricing, which led to higher manufacturing cost in the sector.

So if you’re looking to buy a Chevy in India, now would be the time to do it—not only is the price about to go up, but the bowtie brand is currently running its year-end holiday “Dumdar December” promotion.

I have to say, this is the first time I can think of in which a company put out a press release announcing a price increase. Honestly, I have to say, I admire them for it.

“One of the key values at Chevrolet is keeping customers at the center of everything we do,” the company said in the admirably straightforward statement. “The company continues to engage with its valued customers and is committed to provide an enhanced service experience at every step.”

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