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Chevy Korea is Giving Away a Ton of Free Tickets to See the New ‘Transformers’ Movie

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Chevy Korea Transformers giveaway

Look, chances are pretty good that you’re not going to need a lot of incentive to grab up a ticket to plunk yourself down in a cozy leather chair on June 21st to watch Transformers: The Last Knight.

Or, I dunno, maybe you do. Maybe you’re completely zonked out on summer blockbusters at this early stage in the game because Wonder Woman just crammed too much goodness in your faceholes before you had the opportunity to fully recover from the awesomeness of GotG2 or Logan or whatever blow-away movie you saw last. Or the Transformers movies just aren’t your thing. S’fine. Michael Bay can’t be everyone’s bag.

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Well, if you live in or are visiting Korea and need some extra incentive to get into the theatre to see the latest movie about giant fighty robots, Chevrolet will be inviting 500 customers to a special screening that will take place across four Lotte Cinema locations. If you get invited to these screenings, you’ll get a free giftbag that includes some summer goodies you can use at Jeju.

“The new Transformers movie, marking the 10th anniversary of the film franchise, will be a good opportunity to introduce the Chevrolet Camaro SS that has become more intense,” said Ilsup Lee, GM Korea managing director of Marketing. “We will carry out a wide range of sports and culture marketing campaigns and introduce Chevrolet products’ superior value [in order to] expand our customer base.”

After the special screenings, Chevrolet will be giving away 10,000 tickets to selected customers who apply through its website (limit two per person). So, hey, if you’re on the fence about paying to see Transformers: The Last Knight, just try and grab some free tickets through Chevy Korea’s website and then get thee to Korea.

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