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David Hasselhoff’s “True Survivor” Music Video Showcases an ’80s Lamborghini Countach

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David Hasselhoff's True Survivor Music Video Lamborghini Countach

The Hoff leans against a Lamborghini Countach
Photo: David Hasselhoff via YouTube

One of this year’s biggest cinematic epics wasn’t released on theater screens by a major studio, but rather on computer screens in homes across the world. Fans of cheesy 1980s nostalgia helped make Kung Fury a hit when it debuted online.

The crowd-funded Laser Unicorns production, which you can watch on YouTube, chronicles a Miami police officer’s travel through time to use his martial arts skills to defeat Adolf Hitler, aka “Kung Führer.” Needless to say, it’s the most enjoyably ridiculous, cheesy entertainment you’ll see all year.

Swedish filmmaker David Sandberg–who wrote, directed, and starred in the film–also directed a promotional tie-in music video to the 30-minute short film. Featuring the manly vocal work of the iconic David Hasselhoff, “True Survivor” is an amusing musical experience.

Cue the retro 80s synth-rock.

Like Kung Fury, “True Survivor” Video Is Pure ’80s Cheese

David Hasselhoff's True Survivor Music Video Lamborghini Countach

“True Survivor” heavily borrows from its inspiration, Kung Fury
Photo: David Hasselhoff via YouTube

The song, for fundamentally being an advertisement for Kung Fury, is surprisingly enjoyable. It’s bad-ass but still goofy, with a catchy hook. Hasselhoff’s voice fits the melodic and stylistic tones the entire production is striving to achieve–pure 1980s nostalgia.

Best of all, it showcases a sleek white Lamborghini Countach surrounded by pink and purple haze.

David Hasselhoff's True Survivor Music Video Lamborghini Countach

The camera pans across the rear end of the Lamborghini Countach
Photo: David Hasselhoff via YouTube

The vehicle showcased in the Hoff’s music video is a white, late ’80s Lamborghini Countach–and it’s the perfect choice. Its pop-up headlights and swan-wing doors are highlighted as Hasselhoff steps out, strikes a couple karate poses, and begins singing.

A red Lamborghini Countach of the same year appears in the opening scenes of Kung Fury, driven by the film’s protagonist. Most likely both of these models were replicas.

David Hasselhoff's True Survivor Music Video Lamborghini Countach

The very ’80s music video for “True Survivor”
Photo: David Hasselhoff via YouTube

The “True Survivor” music video borrows heavily from its inspiration, integrating many of the most memorable sequences from the short film–from the protagonist’s fight through the streets with an irate arcade machine to the closing shot of the characters riding a T-Rex.

The only thing it’s missing is Hasselhoff asking a young woman to “Jump in my Car.”

If you haven’t seen the music video for “True Survivor,” do yourself a favor and watch it below. Then go watch Kung Fury–because you owe yourself a laugh.

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