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Ford Vietnam Sales Rise in August Despite Ghost Month Traditions

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Ford Ranger in Vietnam

Ford Ranger

Ford Vietnam posted its best August sales ever last month with deliveries totaling 2,123 units. Sales increased 57% year-over-year on the back of record months from key models including EcoSport, Ranger, and Transit.

All three of the aforementioned vehicles not only put up record sales for August, they were also the sales leaders in their respective segments for the month. Additionally, all three are atop their segments’ sales through the first eight months of 2016.

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“Consumer confidence remained healthy in August despite it being Ghost Month,” said Pham Van Dung, managing director, Ford Vietnam. “Continued strength in demand for Transit, Ranger, and EcoSport helped drive our best-ever sales for the month.”

Ghost Month, the traditional Buddhist and Taoist celebration of the dead, is typically a slow period for big purchases. This is related to the belief that the month is an unlucky one, and that any major purchase or life decision made during the month will ultimately be doomed to fail. As a result, life events such as marrying, purchasing a new home, and purchasing a new vehicle are typically delayed until after the Ghost Month has concluded.

Ford EcoSport in Vietnam

Sales of the Transit were up 14% year-over-year at 586 vehicles delivered, sales of the EcoSport increased 16% at 364 units, and Ranger sales rose 172% at 1,016 units.

Ford’s sales through August total 18,443 vehicles, also up 57% year-to-date. Ford maintains its status as one of the fastest-growing band in the country thanks to a 40% increase from Transit, 30% increase from EcoSport, and 120% increase from Ranger.

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