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Ford’s First Quarter Sales Rise in China

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2015 Ford Escort

2015 Ford Escort

Ford announced today that its sales in China are up 9% over that from the year prior. Through the first three months, Ford has sold 296,825 vehicles throughout the country, a considerable increase from the 271,321 vehicles it had sold through March 2014. 102,842 vehicles from the aforesaid total were sold in March alone; Ford was up 1% for the month.

Changan Ford Automobile moved 218,487 vehicles in the first three months of the year, up 12% from the 195,198 vehicles sold through the first quarter of 2014. CAF’s sales totaled 74,418 vehicles in March, up 4% year-over-year.

Two of Ford’s biggest movers have been the Mondeo and Escort, with the former moving 11,373 units and the latter moving 23,446 units in March. In the first quarter, Mondeo sales total 30,924 units (up 7% year-over-year), and sales of the Escort hit 59,083 units.

Jiangling Motors Corportation (JMC) accounted for the other 70,582 vehicles sold in the first quarter. JMC sales were up 5% for the first three months despite a decline in March sales.

Ford recently opened an assembly plant in Hangzhou, China—the company’s sixth manufacturing facility in the country—and it plans to expand its lineup in the country by as many as 15 new vehicles by year’s end.