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Glasgow Man Gets Vauxhall Stolen and Returned Quickly Thanks to OnStar

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One of the benefits of owning a Vauxhall with Vauxhall OnStar? In the event that your ride gets stolen, its GPS locator might be the very thing that helps you get it back quickly and safely.

A Glasgow man by the name of James Watson was carjacked outside of his place of employment, and in reporting the theft to police was reminded that his vehicle having Vauxhall OnStar meant that his vehicle could be more easily located and received via GPS locator.

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This also meant that the Vauxhall in question was able to have the ignition remotely activated by an OnStar assistant, leaving the vehicle and thief at a gas station just four miles away from where the theft took place. The car was recovered without any damage done by the car thief, and the perpetrator was subsequently sentenced to 10.5 months in jail and having his driver’s license revoked for nine months.

“It was a terrible experience, one I wouldn’t wish on anybody else,” said Watson. “After the initial shock of what happened subsided, I realized that we could locate the car—and probably the offender—through OnStar. I’m really grateful that the technology was in place to recover the vehicle so quickly, helping me to get back on the road knowing the thief had been caught.”

“This was a horrible experience for James and we are sorry to hear that he was a victim of crime,” said Mike Lee, UK Head, OnStar Strategy and Planning. “We are relieved that the technology in the car could assist the police in recovering his car and apprehending this criminal.”

Having your car stolen? Not so great. New technology that helps stolen cars be recovered more easily? Actually great!

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