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Lincoln August Sales: People Really Love the 2015 MKC

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Lincoln August sales

Suprise! The 2015 MKC was the bright spot in Lincoln August sales

There’s an axiom that goes something to the tune of: “don’t try to do everything, just do one thing really well.” With Lincoln looking for ways to build interest in the brand and climb back into a position as a luxury brand contender, it appears that they have at least found the one thing that they do really well: sell compact crossovers. In Lincoln August sales, every model ate a year-over-year loss of greater than five percent. All except for one: the 2015 Lincoln MKC, which remains the bright, burning light at the heart of Lincoln’s rekindling efforts.

The Lincoln brand took an overall hit of 0.6 percent in August, moving 8,146 vehicles compared to 8,192 in August of 2013.

As has largely been the case since its 2009 release, the MKZ was Lincoln’s monthly volume leader with 2,841 units sold in August. Despite being down 22.2 percent in August, the MKZ is in the black through the first eight months of the year with a 17.7 percent year-to-date sales jump.

The MKX moved 2,059 vehicles in August, down 5.6 percent in the month but up 8.2 percent overall.

The big story for Lincoln, as has been the big story for Lincoln since June, is the MKC compact crossover, which moved another 1,760 units in August and bumped its three-month total to an impressive 4,655. The latest model in the brand’s four-model revitalization plan, the MKC has been nothing short of a roaring success in its first full quarter of sales.

If the MKC maintains its momentum through the last four months of the year, Lincoln might just be able to claim it as the game-changer that repositioned them as a major player in the premium segment and paved the way for a total sea change.

Source: Ford Motor Company