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Mazda’s Rotary Coupe Plans Still Just a Concept

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Mazda RX-VISION concept

After Mazda revealed that it was working on a renewed SKYACTIV version of its rotary engine, RX enthusiasts the world over rejoiced. However, now it seems we all need to curb our enthusiasm, as Mazda doesn’t currently have plans to bring a production version of the RX-VISION concept to the mass market in the foreseeable future.

Speaking to Australian website CarAdvice, Mazda’s global director and senior managing executive officer Yuji Nakemine said that while he was “encouraged by the concept,” which was “kind of a dream of bringing that to market in the future,” at the moment Mazda has “no specific plan to mass-produce the vehicle.

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Basically, he said that the brand was going to continue focusing on increasing sales on its current lineup. “At this time we have MX-5 RF and soft-top, we shouldn’t be, kind of, distracted by so many rumors… our sales organization should take advantage of the current product line-up,” he said. “Then if we make good money, and are more robust and can afford more engineering resources, we can again talk about new concepts or visions or whatever.”

So, as everything stands right now, the new rotary-powered Mazda remains in the research and development stage, while the engineers wait for Mazda’s sales side to allow for the return of the RX.

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