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Modified Infiniti M45 Rides So Low it Has No Floor

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Japanese Low Rider Infiniti M45

If you read that title and assumed that we had made a typo, you would be wrong. There is an Infiniti M45 driving the roads in Japan, and it’s causing quite the stir on YouTube with how low it rides. The Infiniti stirs up sparks every time it goes over bumps in the road as the tail of the car scrapes the asphalt.

In Japan, builds called “VIP Style” are very common. You can see in the YouTube video that the other cars in traffic with the modified Infiniti are also very low to the ground. The lower to the ground you can get a car, the cooler you are. This is usually achieved by tucking the suspension and adding camber to the wheels to take up less space. The cars are also fitted with aftermarket spoilers, lights, and paint colors to make them very unique to the driver and their personality.

When the video popped up online, the dragging Infiniti sparked quite the discussion (pun intended). How is it possible that a car could move forward with so little clearance? The owner was found on Instagram, and you can see the work put in to the vehicle. That’s when his secret was discovered: Not only were the wheels tilted to an extreme camber, but the suspension was tucked so far up into the car that the floor had to be removed.  You can examine the hole in the floor for yourself and have nightmares for a few days below.

A photo posted by 石川 剛 (@ishikawago) on

We have to admit, the car looks pretty cool overall, but you could not pay us to ride in a vehicle where you can see the pavement fly by under your feet. If riding higher with a floor means that we’re lame, that’s just fine with us. 

A photo posted by 石川 剛 (@ishikawago) on

Source: Art of Gears

  • Jesse Custer

    Of course it’s in Japan. Why didn’t I see that coming :3

    The guys who drift in Japan are 1000 times cooler than these guys… Although a couple of those non-ridiculously-low cars in the video do look like they drift (like the red one with all of the repaired but unpainted body damage)

    And those angled wheels ruining the tires… wtf?
    Again, if you are going to ruin a set of tires running upwards of 1500-3000$, you might as well practice some drifting, do some burnouts or practice doughnuts and have some fun while you ruin those tires.

    This might not be the weirdest subculture fashion trend I’ve seen in Japan, but it is one of the more questionable ones.

    This is much worse than those Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s riced out in neon lights all over the exterior and interiors I saw on vice a few years back.