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Self-Cleaning Nissan LEAF Coming to Chicago Auto Show

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self-cleaning LEAF

Last July, Nissan revealed its “self-cleaning” Nissan LEAF to the world, which uses a special type of paint to repel water and dirt from the surface of the vehicle. This eternally clean LEAF will be making an appearance at the Chicago Auto Show later this week. If you’re trying to test how dirty you can get  your self-cleaning car, Chicago in February is a great place to do it with its salty, snowy roads, drizzles of pigeon stool, industrial fallout, and politicians.

The “self-cleaning” paint is called Ultra-Ever Dry, and Nissan claims it creates a protective layer of air between the paint and any contaminants. It was developed in Europe at the Nissan Technical Center, where they tested it by pouring chocolate syrup onto the hood only to watch it roll off onto the street.

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Nissan is testing out this new paint as a possible aftermarket option for its entire lineup.

The LEAF is involved in a different promotion in the Windy City, where Chicagoans that purchase or lease one may enjoy two years of free public charging that can bring it up to 80% charge in just 30 minutes. With a range of 84 miles, the LEAF makes a great urban commuter car that’s perfect for the streets of Chicago.

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Since this Nissan LEAF doesn’t need gasoline or a quick run through the car wash, all that gas stations will have to offer LEAF drivers are air for the tires and energy drinks until Nissan comes up with an alternative for those, too.

How much would you pay for this option on your next new car? If you frequently eat ice cream sundaes on the hood of your car, park under bird nests, or live in Chicago, a self-cleaning car might be perfect for you.

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