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10 Classy Celebrities Who Drive Classic Cars

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Many celebrities are infamous for squandering their riches on the most outrageous, ostentatious vehicles simply to be noticed. Thankfully, there are some celebrities who put their money toward a true appreciation for automobiles by investing in and preserving classic cars. Here are 10 such celebrities who can often be seen driving their classic cars around town.

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10 Famous People Who Love & Own Classic Cars

[wptab name=”Leno”]

Jay Leno Drives a 1967 Chevy C10 Restomod

Jay Leno with a 1967 Chevy C10 Restomod

Jay Leno

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another celebrity who’s name and reputation are so intertwined with classic cars as Jay Leno is. The former Tonight Show host host is famous for his collection of hundreds of rare, vintage vehicles that he keeps in his warehouse-sized garage.


[wptab name=”Seinfeld”]

Jerry Seinfeld and Kevin Hart driving around in a classic Porsche 718

Jerry Seinfeld and Kevin Hart driving around in a classic Porsche 718

Jerry Seinfeld

Until he began showing off his collection of retro rides in his show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, many people didn’t know that Jerry Seinfeld is a connoisseur of antique cars. It’s not uncommon for him to take a joyride around town in one—most likely one of his dozens of Porsches.


[wptab name=”Allen”]

Tim Allen classic cars drive celebrity collection

Photo: GQ via YouTube

Tim Allen

Another funnyman who had a show in the 1990s, Tim Allen has a passion for classic cars, particularly American-made. His vast collection includes a 1933 Ford Roadster his built on the set of his show Home Improvement.


[wptab name=”Cage”]

Nicholas Cage celebrity driving classic car

Nicolas Cage

Crazy Nick Cage has gone through ups and downs financially in recent years, but he remains steadfast in his love of classic, rare Italian sports cars. On a sunny day, he might take one of his Ferraris out for a drive.


[wptab name=”Paul”]

Aaron Paul drives a classic car Ford Shelby Cobra Instagram

Photo: @glassofwhiskey on Instagram

Aaron Paul

It’s fitting that the star of Need for Speed owns and regularly drives a classic sports car–a 1965 Shelby Cobra, to be exact. His enthusiasm for the vehicle is apparent, as he’s always glad to let people take a look when he’s out.


[wptab name=”Beyonce”]

Beyonce Rolls Royce classic car driving

Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncé isn’t one to mess around when it comes to luxury. Not only does she own a Rolls-Royce, one of the most prestigious brands on the market, she owns an extremely rare model that only had 2,000 units produced in the early 1960s.


[wptab name=”Clooney”]

George Clooney driving classic car

Photo: Wikimedia

George Clooney

Good ol’ George seems like the kind of guy who enjoys cruising around town in a retro set of wheels, so it’s no surprise that the heartthrob owns a classic Corvette that he loves to take around Beverly Hills.


[wptab name=”Bana”]

Eric Bana

Actor Bana’s 1970s Ford Falcon XB hardtop coupe is almost as famous as he is. Originally his daily driver in his home of Melbourne, the car became the center of his attention for years–so much so that a documentary was made on it.


[wptab name=”Levine”]

Adam Levine Ferrari classic car driving Instagram

Levine and his wife on a road trip
Photo: @adamlevine via Instagram

Adam Levine

For being such a big star, singer Adam Levine drives some small cars! You’ll sometimes see him running errands in his low-riding, raven-black Ferrari 365 GTC or Porsche 356.


[wptab name=”Jenner”]

Brody Jenner drives classic car Dodge Charger RT Instagram

@brodyjenner on Instagram

Brody Jenner

As a professional socialite, it’s important that Brody keep up appearances with the car he drives, but unlike his Jenner family members who indulge on gaudy vehicles, Brody happily drives an old Dodge Charger R/T.



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