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2015 Honda Insight Could Be on the Chopping Block

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In a world with an increasing population of hybrid vehicles (and EVs and hydrogen fuel-cells and clean diesels, oh my), it is possible that one of the original contenders, the Honda Insight, might be taking its final bow. At least, according to AutoblogGreen, it sure seems that way.

Honda Insight

Honda may be discounting the Insight after the 2014 model year.

Honda is currently busy flaunting the 2014 model, but it is very possible that the 2015 Honda Insight may never come to fruition. Sources reported to AutoblogGreen that Honda has nixed the usual preparations it takes for a 2015 model, such as prepping the ad campaigns. This by itself does not necessarily discount a 2015 Honda Insight, but it leads to some further probing.

You’ve also got to consider the Toyota Prius, the Insight’s long-time (and victorious) rival. The Prius, for whatever reason unknown to anyone anywhere, has been, and continues to be, incredibly successful. On top of that, Honda’s own Civic Hybrid has been wildly popular, taking many a potential sale away from the Insight. Eco-conscious drivers are also opting for the Fit and Fit EV in droves and are even clamoring for a Fit Hybrid. (We are too!) At this point, it almost seems like there would be no place for a 2015 Honda Insight in the lineup.

And when AutoblogGreen contacted Honda for a statement regarding the possible execution of the 2015 Honda Insight, Honda refused to confirm or deny the allegation.

So do we know for sure if it’s gone? Nope. Can we assume? Most likely. Are we sad? We will be if there is not a Fit Hybrid in the near future. Where’s our Fit Hybrid, Honda? Where’s our Fit Hybrid??

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