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Don’t Sleep on New F-150’s Max Recline Seats (or Do, Actually)

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2021 Ford F-150 Max Recline Seats
The 2021 F-150’s Max Recline Seats = lunch break naptime
Photo: Ford

As you know, there’s a lot to love with the 2021 Ford F-150. Built-in generator? Uh-huh. Best-in-class towing? Oh yeah. Over-the-air updates and an all-digital owner’s manual? Bingo. But one of the best features that might get overlooked focuses less on the work aspect and more on your comfy coziness. I’m speaking of course about the F-150’s Max Recline Seats.

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The idea for Ford’s class-exclusive Max Recline Seats came from, who else, its customers. Ford sent experts out to talk to normal folks to learn what they’d like in their new truck. What they discovered: Normal folks want to be able to use their trucks to catch a few Z’s before heading back to work. Relatable stuff.

“We know the folks who work on construction or mining sites use their truck cab for naps during downtime, and we learned everyday owners do, too,” said Jackie DiMarco, Ford truck product line director. “When I would take my daughters to hockey tournaments, between games, one would be sleeping in the back seat while the other would be on the floor of my truck, and it reinforced the idea that, ‘We need to fix this!’”

Spotlight: 2021 Ford F-150’s Max Recline Seats

And fix it Ford did. The 2021 Ford F-150’s Max Recline Seats fold almost completely flat, turning the cabin of the truck into at least half a bed and breakfast. Ford’s sure been on a real kick with making its vehicles sleep-capable — first the Bronco four-door, now the all-new 2021 F-150. What’s next? An Expedition with a murphy bed built in? Actually, wait, that’s a great idea. Jot that down.

The Max Recline Seat is just one of the oodles (yes, oodles) of great features available in the 2021 Ford F-150. Production on the F-150 is underway at Dearborn Truck Plant and Kansas City Assembly, and the truck is rolling out — much like the Max Recline Seat rolls flat for your comfort — nationwide. Get ready to get cozy.

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