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3 DIY Must-Haves for Your Car

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Coin Jar

Pinterest is chock-full of fun home decor DIYs, from building your own coffee table to make-it-yourself headboards. But what about your car? It’s practically your second home. Don’t worry, Pinterest has ideas for that too. Here are three fun mini projects to make your next trip in the car that much more convenient.

DIY Trash Can

Surprisingly, most cars don’t come with a place for you to throw out your trash. That’s why so many people struggle with a messy car (and why our curbs are covered with litter). Where else are you supposed to put things?

Grab an old cereal container and put a mini trash bag inside. Bam, you’re done. Now you have a mini, easy-to-empty trash can. Plus, it seals, preventing any trash from spilling on the floor of your car.

DIY Coin Holder

It’s important to keep coins, especially quarters, in your car. But it can be difficult to find a small, closed compartment to keep them in. You can use a jar or other sealed container to store them, but we recommend a gum container.

Next time you’re in need of a pack of gum, grab one of those cupholder dispensers. Once the gum is gone, reuse the container and make yourself a little piggy bank. Fill it with quarters and keep it in the door of your car or another cup holder you don’t use very often. That way, you’ll never be without change for the meter (or surprise toll roads).

DIY Mini Emergency Kit

While this kit may not contain everything you could possibly need, it’s nice to have on hand on top of the basics (jumper cables and such). Pick up a small travel bag or a mini tote and fill it with your choice of necessary items, We recommend including items like hand sanitizer, scissors, bandages, a water bottle, a flash light, a blanket, and a few nonperishable food items, such as trail mix or granola bars.

Many day-to-day items can be reused for convenient and fun DIYs, including in your car.