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3 Things Insurance Companies Won’t Tell You About Car Accidents

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Having car insurance as a cushion against accidents is a necessity for every driver. If someone is hurt or property is destroyed, insurance coverage may be the only thing standing between them and unrecoverable losses. However, while your insurance company is meant to come to your rescue after an accident, it is still a business. Insurers hope to give as little as possible in a claim to maximize profits, and that means that many will jump on the first chance they get to take advantage of an ignorant, uninformed claimant.

Below are three key things a policy provider would never want you to know.

Your insurer is not your friend

After you’re involved in an accident, a representative from your insurance company will be among the first people to contact you. While their “quick recovery” wishes are probably sincere, the main reason they are there is to inform you what they’re offering and convince you to settle things with them as soon as possible. They may even give you misleading information regarding your accident or gloomy predictions about the outcome of an ongoing investigation to get you to believe they’re looking out for you.

The best way to get ahead of your insurer’s schemes is to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced accident attorney will understand your case well enough to give you the best advice when the insurance people come knocking.

The first offer is not the best you can get

A serious accident can be a serious setback to your finances. You’ll have medical bills to cover and vehicle repairs to pay for, and you’ll also need money to live on if you’re forced to take time off from work. If you have a genuine claim, the insurer’s first strategy for reducing what they give you will be to exploit your desperation.

Before accepting the tempting number on the table, ask yourself why the company is willing to lose that much cash. You may even be entitled to more money than you realize, depending on the terms of your policy. In addition to investigating your case, a proper lawyer will also go through your auto coverage to ensure you’re getting the sum you deserve.

You can be examined a second time

When you file an injury claim, the insurance company may opt to send a doctor to examine you before they remit any benefits. Because the doctor will be working for the insurer, the purpose of the exam won’t be to help you get well soon. On the contrary, it will be to gather even the slightest details about your injuries that may undermine your case.

Although the insurer will openly inform you of the consequences of refusing the examination, they will deliberately omit the fact that you’re free to visit another doctor later and get a second exam. Call your lawyer and have them arrange it so that you can get a fair assessment for your injuries. An attorney from Dunnion Law, for instance, will have access to a network of trusted medical professionals and will be ready to use the second examination results as evidence to get you the compensation you need.

Automobile insurance can be a real lifesaver, but don’t expect your provider to be glad when you file a claim. Insurers are in business to make money, and while they may seem genuinely concerned about you, a lawyer is the only person you can trust.

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