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4 Ways You’re Obliterating Your Auto Budget

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Car Maintenance

There’s no doubt that cars are expensive to buy, maintain, and upgrade. But, you might be spending more than you need to if you’re guilty of any (or all) of the following habits.

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If you wait for things to go wrong with your car, you’re just asking for a bigger repair bill than necessary. Instead, invest in routine maintenance like battery checks, oil changes, belt and brake checks, recommends U.S. News & World Report writer John M. Vincent. Routine maintenance will help prevent problems or at least help prevent small issues from becoming majorly expensive fixes.

Ignoring your tires will just result in problems. From an unexpected flat to making your car work harder, thus stressing its components unnecessarily, properly maintained and inflated tires will help keep your car budget in check.

“Checking your tire pressures might not seem that important, but doing so can ensure your family’s safety while protecting your wallet at the same time,” notes Vincent. “Underinflation can reduce the life of your tires by 25 percent and make your car less responsive during cornering and braking.”

The cost of fuel is high enough, don’t waste more on higher fuel grades if your car doesn’t require the bump in quality,’ adds Vincent.

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A dirty car is not just an eyesore, it’s a sure sign that you’re wasting money.

 “Washing your car is an important part of ownership. It can also save you money. The time spent hand-washing your vehicle is a great opportunity to inspect it for damage, rust, and wear. Catching a minor problem before it becomes major can save you money,” writes Vincent.

Be sure to follow up your car wash with a coat of wax to protect your car’s paint finish.

News Source: U.S. News & World Report