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5 Easy Stocking Stuffers for the Car Enthusiast in Your Life

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stocking stuffers for gearheads/car enthusiasts

Shopping for gearheads doesn’t have to be difficult; consider these stocking stuffers for car enthusiasts and racing fanatics

Christmas is right around the corner—and though many hate to think about the December holiday until after Turkey Day, this year early Christmas celebrations seem to be a welcome reprieve from an exhausting election cycle and, for many, disheartening results. You can easily join in the Christmas spirit with some early shopping for stocking stuffers at your local retailer, but if you’re a humbug who can’t handle the happy faces and wonderful music and commercialization of an oddly pagan yet Christian holiday, well then maybe just shop at Amazon for some of the stocking stuffers below.

If you’ve got a gearhead in your family or friend group, then you’re in luck. Contrary to popular belief, they are actually quite easy to shop for. While your big, under-the-tree presents might be an auto repair kit or even this super fancy (though expensive) engine block coffee table, you can easily get creative with some car-themed stocking stuffers.

Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans on Blu-Ray

See the story of Steve McQueen come to life on Blu-Ray in this stunning documentary that has been called “compelling,” “fascinating,” and “poignant.” Any true racing fan will love to add this to their movie collection.

Navigation System

It’s true—newer cars come with built-in navigation systems, but the technology isn’t quite there yet. They just don’t compare to state-of-the-art GPS systems, like one from Garmin. And while your smartphone also offers GPS, you run the risk of your battery dying or running up your data bill. Instead, the gearhead in your life should rely on a GPS for all their long road trips.

SCRUBBLADE Windshield Wiper Blades

If the car enthusiast you’re shopping for does a lot of driving in a cold and snowy environment, he or she will need the very finest in windshield wiper technology to maintain clear visibility. That’s where the SCRUBBLADE windshield wiper blades come in—we recommend the Premium All-Season blades for ultimate visibility. (And don’t forget to throw in some Rain-X while you’re at it.)

LEGO Creator Expert Kit

If your friend or family member loves to access the kid inside, then a LEGO Creator Expert Kit is the perfect option. Our top recommendation is the Ferrari F40 in that stunning red for true gearheads, though you can’t go wrong with any options.

Key Fob

In particular, if you’re shopping for a spouse or significant other, consider getting them a key fob—to your car! It’s the gearhead equivalent of a key to your apartment. Go ahead and give them the spare key too—if nothing else, it means when you get locked out of your car, your girl- or boyfriend will just have to come visit you to save the day, and that’s always a welcome surprise, right?