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5 Most Common Types of Mufflers/Silencers

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Most vehicle owners are well aware of the importance of a muffler or silencer. However, if you’re not sure of their purpose, you should know that a muffler or silencer is one of the integral parts of the exhaust system of your car. It plays its part in silencing the noise that the combustion creates on the exhaust system. When the engine runs, fuel and air gets burnt inside the combustion chamber. Due to this, a number of emissions that include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and nitrogen monoxide are created. These emissions need to be removed from the exhaust system to ensure that the car is safe for passengers as well as the environment, and to improve fuel efficiency. There are 5 most common types of mufflers that you can easily get online.

Mufflers and silencers are essentially the same, though “muffler” is the most common term in North America. To find the right mufflers/silencers for your car, you need to conduct a good amount of research. As a vehicle owner, you must research to see how the exhaust system works and what purpose the muffler/silencer solves. You can find this information anywhere, like garages, specialist dealers, and online sites. Now the question arises, which type of muffler should you get?

5 Types of Mufflers for Your Car

Multiple Baffle Silencers

In a multiple baffle silencer, the exhaust gas escapes through holes that are punched in the walls of the silencer tube. This results in muffling the sound via pulse reflection. These are fairly restrictive.

Turbo Silencers

Turbo silencers have an S-shaped path that allows gas to enter the silencer prior to being forced out into the tube. These are restrictive and have poor gas flow.

Straight-Through Silencers

Straight-through silencers make use of a perforated tube. Here, the gas is enforced from the inlet of the silencer to the outlet. This happens with little flow restriction. The holes in the pipe lets the gas release silently.

Performance Silencers

Performance silencers change how your car sounds by using their resonating chamber in order to amplify and tune the existing exhaust note. These type of silencers often results in a deeper and more aggressive sound in comparison to standard mufflers.

Silencer Inlets

The type of inlet that best suits you depends on the existing exhaust system of your car. In case of the standard system, you need to check the owner’s manual and get the details of the car. Also, if you’re buying your own exhaust system, make sure you check to see which inlet type works with the make and model of your car. You can also consult your mechanic.

You can find these 5 most common types of mufflers/silencers at many outlets, but make sure you purchase from the most reliable source possible.

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