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7 Camaro Christmas Gift Ideas for Every Muscle Fan

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Out of ideas for Christmas gifts for your favorite gearhead? We get it—you can only buy so many Camaro t-shirts before your loved one starts to wonder if you think he can’t dress himself. That’s why we’ve got seven other Camaro Christmas gift ideas, to keep things a little fresher. Check ‘em out:

7 Camaro Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Much Better than T-Shirts

Camaro Christmas Gift | CookiesChevy Car Cookies

No matter how old you get, sweets are always desirable, especially at Christmastime. These Chevy Car shortbread cookies come in varying models (a ’57 Chevy, a ’55 Nomad, and a ’69 Camaro, among others). Oh, and did we mention they’re organic?


Camaro Christmas Gift | Tie1969 Chevy Camaro Z28 Red & Black Necktie

Even the biggest grease monkey has to get dressed up sometimes. But why lose that passion for Camaros, even in a three-piece suit?


Camaro Christmas Gift | BagChevy Bowtie Shaped Canvas Bag

This one’s for all the Chevy fans who are always on the go. Your loved one can use this bag for short road trips to the in-laws’, or maybe even to take with her to the gym.

Camaro Christmas Gift | KooziesChevrolet Koozies

Let’s face it—after (or even during) a long day of working on his Camaro, your loved one is going to need an ice cold one. Keep it cold with a Chevy koozie.


Camaro Christmas Gift | EarringsCamaro Green Earrings

These heart-shaped Camaro earrings are the perfect way to tell your favorite Camaro gal, “I love you,” or at least, “You’re too obsessed with cars.”



Camaro Christmas Gift | KooziesCamaro Folding Arm Chair

Working on a car is tough work. Everyone deserves to sit down for a break (and maybe enjoy a beer in one of those Chevrolet koozies while they’re at it.)


Camaro Christmas Gift | PacifierI Love My Camaro Pacifier

Start the Camaro passion at an early age by getting your baby a Camaro-themed pacifier. We can’t think of anything more pacifying than a loud and powerful muscle machine. Can you?