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Best Ideas for Car-Themed Halloween Costumes

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Automotive costumes for gearheads young and old

Vintage car racer driver costumeVintage car racer driver costume
Dress up as a vintage racecar driver for Halloween this year
Photo: Garry Knight via CC

Picking a clever Halloween costume that will impress your friends without costing you an arm and a leg (unless that’s the look you’re going for) can be a challenge. And going to the costume store to buy an outfit limits you to whatever blockbuster movie and pop culture references are trending.

Whatever happened to clever costumes for automotive fans like you?

Luckily, we’re here to help spark a creative storm in your mind with a list of our favorite automotive-themed Halloween costumes. The majority of these can be used for adults or children and adjusted accordingly since they’re (mostly) family-friendly!

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Brand mascot

You can’t watch an hour of television without being bombarded with wacky, recognizable mascots touting a variety of products, and the automotive advertising industry is no exception.

Why not bring that gusto and pop culture awareness by picking a character from the multitude of car insurance and automotive company personas, such as Toyota Jan or Flo from Progressive?

Used car salesman

There are a lot of occupation-themed options to choose from that pertain to the automotive industry (like a mechanic or crossing guard), but this is my favorite suggestion because it requires energetic acting. With a comb-over wig, tacky plaid suit, and a rubber cigar, you’re ready to sell every décor item at the party to anyone nearby — regardless of whether you own it or not.

Your driver’s license

It doesn’t take more than a large cardboard or poster board sheet, a pair of scissors, and a handful of markers to create an oversized driver’s license. Just cut out a square for your real head where the photograph would normally be and fill the rest of the paper with goofy personal information.

The best part? A bad hair day, awkward facial expression, or lack of makeup will only enhance the “embarrassing photo” element of your license.

Road signs

Nothing says, “I’m here to party!” like a giant STOP sign. Another costume that utilizes cardboard, colored paper, and some creativity, the road sign is only limited by what you see on the street.

Consider a geeky “You Shall Not Pass,” a scandalous “Dangerous Curves Ahead,” or a hilariously frustrating “Road Closed” sign to block people as they walk around.

Or, take a different route altogether and select a local interstate constantly under construction and bring along a friend dressed as an orange safety cone. I did this with my wife, and it was a big hit!

Race car driver

Who doesn’t picture themselves strutting into a room as if they’ve just won the Daytona 500? Make those dreams come alive by dressing as a race car driver for your Halloween celebration.

Piecing together this costume is a cinch because of the variety of colored clothes and patterns that can be used. Or, go retro with a vintage outfit from a driver in the early 1900s with a brown jacket, driving goggles, and leather cap.

If you’re going with a partner, have them dress like a pit stop crew member or over-sized checkered flag.

A car

With the abundance of cardboard boxes you have in your basement, why not tape them together and add some wheels so you can cruise around to local Halloween bashes? With so many famous television, film, and real-life cars to choose from, you’re bound to find one that fits your personality — such as Lightning McQueen or Ecto-1.

If your partner doesn’t know what to dress as, a car pairs well with any of the other previously mentioned costumes.

Movie characters

Have a favorite movie starring a character who drives a vehicle? Don a replica of their outfit and do your best impersonation! Some obvious options include Ryan Gosling in Driver, Steve McQueen in Bullitt, Keanu Reeves in Speed, Ansel Elgort in Baby Driver, and Vin Diesel in The Fast and the Furious.

Puns never fail

If you’re tagging along with a couple of friends who are romantically involved, your costume is practically picked for you: the third wheel! Now you just have to dress for the part…

Last but not least, perhaps you’re looking for something a bit scarier for your serious Halloween party. Here’s an easy solution: Dress yourself as a deranged maniac in an oblong silver cylinder who calls himself “The Muffler.”

Don’t settle for overpaying on a generic Halloween costume from a seasonal store. Visit a thrift store and get creative this year. You’re bound to create something that will make your friends smile.