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BMW i8 Spyder News: What Does BMW Have Up Its Sleeve?

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BMW i8 Spyder concept design

Back in 2013, BMW released this BMW i8 Spyder concept design.

With all the buzz the past couple months about the hot BMW i8 electric vehicle coming out, some of us have been wondering… what about that BMW i8 Spyder you’ve been teasing us with for years?

At long last, BMW has released word on their vision of the future of the BMW i8 Spyder.

Look Out, Here Comes the BMW i8 Spyder, Man?

Back in January 2013, BMW posted a press release with several concept designs, two of which have just hit the market: the BMW i8 and the BMW i3. One other model was included which we have yet to see: the BMW i8 Spyder.

According to BMW press sources, the model would “unite lightness, dynamics and efficiency with an unusual aesthetic.” It’d be the “combination of intelligent lightweight design and cutting-edge hybrid technology.” We sure are looking forward to “the concept’s sporty, dynamic look…achieved by large body panels, a hunkered-down stance and numerous aerodynamic elements such as contact surfaces, spoiler lips, AirCurtains and aeroflaps.”

Now, a BMW representative has given a statement to concerning the future of the BMW i8 Spyder. Surely it has to be something thrilling and substantial after the worldwide success of the green-friendly i8 sports car!

Remember back in 2012 when we first caught a glimpse of the brand’s design of the BMW i8 Spyder? It even out-did the standard i8!

So, what did the company official have to say?

“There are no plans to produce the BMW i8 Spyder. Nor are there plans to produce any derivatives of the 7 Series outside of standard and long-wheelbase.”

Oh. Is that… true? For real? No… Spyder? Anything else to share?

“The BMW X7 will be produced in the future but that is a different proposition and is not based on the 7 Series.”

Well, that’s just…sigh… we’ll just be over in the corner having a moment alone…

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