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BMW Sells More Than 10,000 Electric Vehicles in September

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Year-to-date sales for electric BMW models equal 68,687 units, more than sales for BMW's electric vehicles during 2016 as a whole

Sales for BMW’s electric lineup, once slow and steady, are starting to gain speed

Most automotive analysts speak of the “electric revolution” as something that is still far off in the future. However, for BMW, the electric revolution has already begun.

For the first time in the company’s history, BMW sold more than 10,000 electric vehicles in the span of one month.

During the month of September, BMW sold a total of 10,786 electric models, spanning across multiple of the automaker’s lineups and brands. This is the first time in BMW’s history of selling electric models that the 10,000-unit benchmark has been passed during a single month.

As for the year as a whole, BMW has sold 68,687 electric vehicles so far this year, a 64.2% increase over the same period last year. In fact, BMW sold more electric models during the first three quarters of 2017 then it sold during the entire year of 2016.

“We are pleased to see the ongoing, strong sales development of our unrivaled range of electrified vehicles,” explained┬áDr Ian Robertson, BMW AG Management Board Member for Sales and Brand BMW. “The continued significant sales growth of these vehicles is due in part to the increasing availability of the BMW 5 Series plug-in hybrid, which in some markets accounts for up to a third of BMW 5 Series sedan sales.”

BMW is finding success on the whole as well. Total global sales for the BMW Group come in at 1,811,234 units during the first three quarters of 2017. 1,537,497 of those vehicle sales came from the BMW brand proper, while MINI sales totaled 271,394 units.

While electric models don’t necessarily make up an especially large portion of BMW’s overall sales yet, the sales for such vehicles are growing, and they will undoubtedly make up a larger part of the market in the near future.