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Buick Finally Unveils the 2021 Envision’s Interior

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2021 Buick Envision
Photo: Buick

Buick recently pulled the curtain back on its fully redesigned Envision SUV. While we — and plenty of others — praised its exceptional new style, we were still left in the dark as to what it looks like inside. Thanks to a batch of photos shared by GM China, we now know what to expect from the luxury SUV’s interior. Spoiler alert, it’s pretty great.

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The aesthetics of asymmetry

When you look at the cockpit, the first thing you’ll notice is the way that it plays with balance. The center armrest/storage console is split in two, and the handles are identical on both doors. This provides a stark contrast to the center console, which is noticeably slanted towards the driver. CarBuzz writer Michael Butler states that the angle is 18 degrees, which should improve readability on the stunning infotainment display. It also divides the dashboard into two distinct hemispheres — the touchscreen and instrument panel are up top, and climate and vehicle controls sit below. This mixture of straight lines and delicate curves is a unique approach to interior design and sets the Envision apart from the competition.

An undeniably beautiful Buick

The 2021 Envision’s striking front end isn’t the only thing it brings to the table. To start, the pictures show an enormous dual-pane moonroof that takes up almost the entirety of the SUV’s length, and is supposedly the largest in its class. Additionally, Carbuzz reports that you can deck out the interior in Ivory White and Jazz Black touches, though the photos also show a rich brown color. It’s not a stretch to stay that this may be the best-looking vehicle Buick has ever produced.

The all-new Buick Envision is set to hit roads in China later this year and make its way to the states in early 2021.

  • The interior of the 2021 Buick Envision
  • A beautiful Buick interior
  • The 2021 Buick Envision Avenir's incredible moonroof

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