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Cadillac Adding Super Cruise to Its Entire Lineup by 2020

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The semi-autonomous driving technology will be added to GM's other American brands shortly after it is adopted by the entire Cadillac lineup

Cadillac is planning a massive expansion program for its Super Cruise system

One of the most exciting new developments from General Motors would undoubtedly have to be its Super Cruise system. This semi-autonomous technology is currently among the automotive industry’s most successful mass-market ventures into the realm of self-driving vehicles.

Unfortunately, GM’s Super Cruise technology is currently only available with its Cadillac CT6 sedan, a vehicle far more expensive than most consumers can afford. A recent announcement from GM suggests that this fact is about to change.

Mark Reuss, GM’s product chief, has confirmed that Super Cruise will be added to Cadillac’s entire lineup by 2020.

The Rapid Adoption of Super Cruise: Cadillac says Super Cruise will be added to the XT4 in the future

Reuss first revealed this big news during a presentation at the Intelligent Transportation Society of America conference. During the event, he also announced that Cadillac planned to introduce vehicle-to-everything communications to one of its high-volume crossovers by 2023.

“These announcements demonstrate both our intention to lead in technical innovation, and Cadillac’s place at the tip of the corporate spear when it comes to rolling out that innovation,” Reuss said.

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Super Cruise is currently one of the only semi-autonomous systems available that allow for the driver to take their hands off of the wheel for extended periods of time. Tesla’s Autopilot system requires drivers to regularly touch the steering wheel while the system is in use.

Super Cruise, on the other hand, has a driver attention system and a set of radar sensors and cameras, which ensure that the driver is constantly keeping their eyes on the road. When the technology is in use, it automatically steers, brakes, and accelerates the vehicle in question.

A scenario where it’s ok to take your hands off the wheel

GM doesn’t plan to stop Super Cruise’s spread after every Cadillac includes the technology. The automaker also revealed that it plans to add Super Cruise to all of its other U.S. brands sometime after 2020.

For the time being, however, drivers will have to purchase a Cadillac car if they want to utilize this advanced, semi-autonomous technology.

News Source: USA Today