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Cadillac Announces LYRIQ Reveal Date

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Cadillac’s LYRIQ EV
Photo: Cadillac

The automotive world held its breath earlier this year as we geared up for a full reveal of Cadillac’s first all-electric vehicle, the LYRIQ. However, the planned April reveal was waylaid by the onset of a global pandemic that not only disrupted production schedules but also put a moratorium on large public gatherings like trade shows. However, a recent tease from General Motors promises that we’ll know a lot more, very soon.

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What we used to know

Up to this point, details about the Cadillac LYRIQ have been scarce. Sure, we’ve seen a few renderings of the luxury electric vehicle, but they’re shadowy and slightly monochromatic. We know that it’s meant to trumpet Cadillac’s aggressive push into the EV market, which will ultimately position Cadillac as the leading luxury brand for electric cars, hopefully dethroning Tesla. We’re also aware that some automotive journalists were able to attend a no-pictures preview event before the pandemic hit.

What we know now

Cadillac’s video — along with an official press release entitled “Our Future is Electric: Cadillac Keeps Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation” — sheds more light on the LYRIQ itself, as well as the automaker’s forward-thinking ambitions.

The article on Cadillac’s official media site reads, “Built on more than a century of innovation, the Cadillac LYRIQ marks the beginning of a new chapter for the brand – one that is all-electric and redefines the boundaries and limits of mobility and connectivity. Today, Cadillac is laying the groundwork for this brighter future by rethinking the interaction between the driver and the vehicle.”

The corresponding video echoes this sentiment, looking back at Cadillac’s peerless legacy of luxury while evoking the idea of reinventing a brand that didn’t necessarily need to be fixed, but heard the call of the future.

The Cadillac LYRIQ will be fully revealed online on August 6, 2020.

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