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Cadillac Will Do Away with Current Vehicle Names

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2020 Cadillac XT6 Sport "normal" names
The Cadillac XT6 in a Sport trim
Photo: Cadillac

The vehicles in the current Cadillac lineup have short names utilizing letters and numbers, like the XT4, CT5, and CT6-V. The only model that doesn’t follow this pattern is the Escalade. However, it seems that Cadillac is now planning to return to more “normal” names in the near future.

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Cadillac naming history and new changes

Recent reports indicate that Cadillac will phase out its current model names by 2022. Cadillac first began offering vehicles with letter-based names back in the beginning of the 2000s. At the time, the automaker introduced the SRX and the CTS.

Currently, the alphanumeric structure that Cadillac utilizes is beginning crossover models with XT and beginning sedan models with CT. This structure was originally unveiled in 2014 and used by all vehicles but the Escalade.

In an interview with Reuters, Cadillac chief Steve Carlisle suggested that Cadillac will switch back to names, like the Escalade, for all of its electric vehicles in the future. As such, it’s likely that the up-and-coming electric crossover will have a more “normal” name upon the Cadillac model’s release, making it the first to follow the new naming structure.

Cadillac spokesperson Katie Minter said in an interview with Car and Driver that the new names could potentially be derived from the heritage of Cadillac. However, Cadillac has yet to reveal any official names for the latest models.

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While its seems that the new names will soon be in effect for Cadillac electric vehicles, there’s no word yet on if any changes will be made to vehicles running on gas. Nevertheless, we at The News Wheel will be sure to let you know when Cadillac reveals its next-generation of vehicles.