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California Air Resources Board Document Seems To Confirm Death of the Chevy Sonic

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2018 Chevrolet Sonic

In the wake of Ford announcing the impending end of the vast majority of its passenger cars, The Truth About Cars has opened up rumors that the Chevrolet Sonic will be following the likes of the Ford Focus into the dust bin.

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Specifically, this is due to a document that the publication acquired from the California Air Resources Board, which lists certification for General Motors’ 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, currently used only by its subcompact vehicles the Chevy Sonic, Chevy Trax (and its AWD version), and Buick Encore (and its AWD version).

The new document, for 2019 model-year vehicles using the same engine, no longer lists the Sonic—just the two subcompact crossovers. The Chevy Trax AWD is also no longer on the list.

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Now, in and of itself, the Sonic and AWD Trax being missing from the document just means for certain that neither the Sonic or the AWD Trax will be equipped with the same engine as last year. However, this would seem to confirm the reports from earlier this month that Chevrolet would shortly be cutting the Sonic from its lineup after the little car’s sales have been plummeting over time.

The report also suggested that the Chevrolet Impala may also soon join the Sonic on the chopping block. The full-size sedan has been seeing its own heavy sales decline (although not quite as drastic as for the Sonic).

News Sources: The Truth About Cars, California Air Resources Board, GM Authority