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California DMV Finally Releases Report Of Accidents Involving Google ‘s Driverless Cars

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Google Driverless Car

Google previously stated that all incidents involving their driverless cars had been minor.

When news broke that Google’s self-driving cars – or driverless cars, whatever you want to call them – had been involved in 11 traffic accidents, people were understandably concerned.

Then eyebrows were raised further when Google only gave slight details about the accidents, saying they were only “minor collisions” and their cars weren’t at fault in any of the accidents.

After that it just seemed downright suspicious when California’s Department of Motor Vehicles decided to withhold information about the accidents, which occurred on California’s public roads.

What could they possibly be hiding?

Well, the wait is lastly over, as California’s DMV has finally decided to release this mysterious information.

And what were the results you may ask?

Sorry to be a buzz kill, but they are kind of underwhelming.

It’s just like Google said all along. The DMV’s report verified there were no injuries of any kind in any of the accidents involving their driverless vehicles. The reports also confirmed that other drivers were credited with being at fault in every accident.

Maybe it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new Terminator Genisys movie that has us all freaked out about this new technology, because it wasn’t Google. They weren’t hiding anything; it’s just their accounts of what did happen were just too boring for some people to believe.