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Charging Stations Outnumber Gas Stations in the UK

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A Nissan Vehicle at an EVgo Charging Station
This is about to become a familiar sight
Photo: Nissan

The popularity of all-electric and hybrid electric vehicles shows no sign of slowing down, and the segment just passed a major milestone on the road to full adoption in Europe. Official figures say that the UK is now home to more plug-in vehicle charging stations than traditional gas stations.

According to Nissan UK, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 9,300 charging stations, and only 8,400 fuel stations. What’s more, nearly 1,600 of these locations are fast chargers, meaning drivers will be able to charge their electric vehicles — like the Nissan LEAF PLUS — up to 80 percent in under an hour.

The expansion of the charging network in Britain comes after a widespread push by the government to reduce the country’s carbon footprint, especially in the heart of London. April of 2019 saw the inaction of new charges within London’s Congestion Zone — a segment of the city where drivers are charged a road fee during certain times of the day, not unlike a toll road. Within the same area, there is now an additional emissions charge for owners of older gas and diesel vehicles.

There are only four gas stations in the Congestion Zone, while Transport for London has installed over 1,000 charging stations in the past year alone.

Between the lifetime fuel savings and exemptions for up to $121 a day in the city (for trucks and buses), it’s becoming more affordable and convenient than ever to drive an electric vehicle.