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Check Out the Zero Landfill “Subaru Recommends” Products on Amazon

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Subaru recommends Amazon products - zero landfill

You can get a number of sustainable products on Amazon, all recommended by Subaru

Though any business’ primary objective is to make money, it is nice when a company also hopes to make a difference in the world through charity and sustainability projects. One of the companies at the forefront in the automotive industry is Subaru, especially when it comes to environmental preservation. This year, for example, Subaru is helping the National Park Service celebrate its centennial with a wide range of initiatives. These initiatives include the following:

That last item is of special importance. In sharing this knowledge, Subaru hopes to reduce—and eventually eliminate altogether—the waste sent from national parks to landfills. This would actually be a big deal for the national parks, which sent more than 100 million pounds of waste to landfills in 2013. Subaru currently operates a zero landfill plant in Lafayette, Indiana.

Furthering its commitment to sustainability and its zero landfill initiative, Subaru is now vouching for several products on, the world’s largest online retailer. According to the site, by purchasing the recommended products over less sustainable competing products, shoppers will be contributing to a potential reduction of 100 million pounds of garbage every year.

Among the “Subaru Recommends” products are back packs and hydration packs, cooking utensils, dog items, reusable food storage items, solar products, water bottles, cups and mugs, and other miscellaneous merchandise.

To do your part, consider some of these Subaru-recommended Amazon products the next time you’re doing some online shopping. Doing so could help to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills every year.