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Chevrolet is Top Auto Brand in 2019 MBLM Brand Intimacy Study

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2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 | 2019 MBLM Brand Intimacy Study
The Chevrolet Silverado is likely a big contributor to the brand’s No. 4 overall placement the 2019 MBLM Brand Intimacy Study
Photo: General Motors

Chevrolet scored the top spot among automakers and the No. 4 spot overall in the 2019 MBLM Brand Intimacy Study. The study observes brand performance based on “the science of emotion,” which is measured by survey respondent’s emotional connection to brands across 15 industries. In the No. 4 spot, Chevrolet sits just behind titans like Disney, Apple, and Amazon and ahead of brands like Netflix, PlayStation, and YouTube.

MBLM reached out to 6,200 customers across three countries (including 3,000 in the United States) to measure their interactions with brands from across industries like automotive, fast food, media and entertainment, and technology. The 20-minute surveys provided MBLM the information necessary to populate its Brand Intimacy Model.

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The Brand Intimacy Model consists of five components: the user; a strong emotional connection; six archetypes of intimacy (fulfillment, identity, enhancement, ritual, nostalgia, and indulgence); three stages of intimacy (sharing, bonding, and fusing); and the Brand Intimacy Quotient. The latter is the score by which brands are ranked and is determined by three factors: the percentage of users who are intimate with a brand, which of the three stages of intimacy users are in, and archetypes.

The 3,000 respondents from America ranked Chevrolet tops among all auto brands with a Brand Intimacy Quotient of 62.5, up majorly from its 2018 score of 48.5 and the 2019 industry average of 46.4. Chevy also ranked third among male respondents and fifth among respondents with incomes ranging from $35-$100K.

For as heady as MBLM’s methodology is, one thing is crystal clear: 22 percent of Chevrolet customers surveyed said they can’t live without the brand. You can check out the 2019 MBLM Brand Intimacy Study for yourself at MBLM’s BIS19 page.

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