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Christmas Toyota Jan Commercial: Jan is a Badass

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Christmas Toyota Jan commercial

Think you know Toyota Jan? Think again! The demure Toyota receptionist is back in a new commercial which shows her to be anything but the girl-next-door we’ve grown to know and love through her previous commercials. Instead, the Christmas Toyota Jan commercial includes a clip of the woman herself driving a Camry at top speed through the desert and having the time of her life.

Not the best example to set for her baby.

But don’t mind our judging. We actually like Jan, and enjoyed her recent commercial. It starts with Jan in the Toyota showroom, as per usual, explaining the many pros of the all-new Camry to an interested couple. Jan is obviously a fan of the Camry, and the man-half of the couple asks, “so, you’ve driven it?” Cut to the aforementioned scene, with Jan seeing just what the Camry can do in the desert. When the scene returns to the showroom, Jan responds with, “yeah, I’ve taken it for a spin.”

Christmas Toyota Jan commercial

You can say that again!

Watch below, then let us know your thoughts on the Christmas Toyota Jan commercial? Do you think she’s the world’s coolest mom, or an idiot? Let us know in the comments!