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How to Clean Leather Seats

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how to clean leather seats camaro z/28

Camaro Z/28 seats demand proper care. Don’t let them down.

Chances are if you paid the extra cash to get the leather interior, you want to keep it looking nice, especially with warmer months and fun driving ahead. Here is a quick step-by-step process of how to clean leather car seats yourself.

  1. Clean the Seats – This may sound redundant, but when people refer to cleaning their leather seats, they actually want to condition them. The first step is always cleaning off the seat so that the conditioner has a clean surface to adhere and soak into.
  2. Ideally, use a microfiber towel or one that will leave behind little to no lint, and be sure to NOT use standard household cleaners, as they can dry out the surface of the leather and cause it to crack. Instead, use a cleaner that is created for leather surfaces.
  3. Select a Conditioner – There are infinite possibilities out there, but we stick to one rule of thumb – you generally get what you pay for. Read reviews online about what conditioner has worked well for others drivers with your make. Conditioners that contain mink oil are particularly good, as they help to replace the natural oils your leather has lost.
  4. Apply the Conditioner – A lot of people worry about what is the best way to do this, but really, it is as simple as applying sunscreen. Follow the direction on the bottle, and make sure you rub the conditioner all the way into the seat before moving on.
  5. Park your Car in a Garage or other Shaded Area Overnight – This will give your conditioner a chance to set into the upholstery without the potentially harmful effects of UV light.

Still have questions about how to clean leather car seats? Leave a comment below with your concerns, and we’ll help walk you through the process.

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