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Crowd-Funded Exploride is First Third-Party HUD

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One of the emerging automotive technologies that seems like it could very well become standard before long is the head-up display. Generally an option in higher-end vehicles, HUDs come in the form of information that is projected on either a dash-mounted screen or the windshield itself, making it easier to navigate or make hands-free calls without having to take one’s eyes off the road. An IndieGoGo campaign may make it so that, for as little as $269, you can be among the first to purchase a separate HUD for any vehicle.

The Exploride has, as of press time, raised nearly $300,000 in just 13 days, blowing well past its $100,000 funding goal with four weeks left on the campaign. According to the IndieGoGo page, Exploride founder Sunil Vallath got the idea after his fiancé got into a car accident while talking on the phone.

“It drove me to look for a solution where I could remain in touch with my loved ones while driving, without putting myself or them at risk of injury. The journey introduced me and my team to seveal other touchpoints in the driving scenario as well, where intervention of technology could make life better.”

Video: Meet the Team Behind Exploride

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The campaign has proven immensely popular thus far, with more than 850 individuals shelling out upwards of $299 to be among the first to receive the Exploride. The package includes a HUD, OBD II adapter, charging set, app access, and 5 gb of cloud storage for one year. A $250,000 stretch goal of 16 gb storage capacity has already been reached, and the stretch goal unlocked at $500,000 will upgrade the Exploride’s built-in dashcam to 5 megapixels.

Check out the campaign below:

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Via: IndieGoGo