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Custom Jeeps Bring Music to Life for Montreux Jazz Festival

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Jeep Cherokee Jazz Edition

The Jeep Cherokee Jazz is one of three special-edition Jeeps created for the Montreux Jazz Festival by Garage Italia Customs

At this time every year, jazz lovers from around the world swarm Montreux, Switzerland for the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival. And this year is no exception. In fact, more people than ever are converging on the beautiful Swiss town overlooking Lake Geneva as the festival celebrates its 50th anniversary—and Jeep wants to help celebrate.

That’s why the rugged American carmaker has teamed together once again with Garage Italia Customs to create not one, not two, but three custom Jeeps for the festival.

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Jeep Cherokee Jazz Edition Interior

The Cherokee Jazz interior matches its exterior with some suave style

The Cherokee Jazz is the first of the three music-inspired Jeeps to make its debut at the popular festival. This Cherokee takes its influence from the guitar and is based on a Jeep Cherokee Limited with a 2.2-liter diesel engine. With a wood-grain wrap, this special-edition Cherokee boasts a unique paint job with its black exterior color fading to red. The Foglizzo leather interior also has a similar effect, making it stand out from normal Cherokees.

Jeep Renegade Vinyl Edition

Some might say the Renegade Vinyl is groovy… get it?!

This special-edition Cherokee is joined by the Renegade Vinyl. Based on the Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, the Renegade Vinyl has the look of a vinyl album complete with a 3D-effect thanks to a grooved double wrap in electric blue. The grooved treatment is also found in the interior’s black leather.

Jeep Renegade Vinyl Edition Interior

It’s interior is just as great

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Score Edition

The Grand Cherokee Score is music to your… errr… eyes?

Garage Italia Customs’ final jazz-inspired Jeep is a Grand Cherokee that is referred to as Score. This model has a shiny brass treatment on its upper body, enhanced by musical notes on a black background. To honor both the Montreux Jazz Festival’s 50th anniversary and Jeep’s 75th, the garage based this special edition on the 75th Anniversary Edition Grand Cherokee, which has a larger diesel engine and a leather interior.

Along with these three special-editions, Jeep is also providing the festival with 30 vehicles to help shuttle performers and international guests to and from the event.