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EV Sales Report: Volt Makes Bank, Tesla Falls Back, Prius Prime Joins the Race

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Electric Car charging parking spot

Photo: byronv2

November was a great month for car sales in general, and of course was a fantastic month for electric and plug-in hybrid sales, setting the 14th consecutive month of record sales gains, bringing the year total to around 132,000 plug-in vehicles sold, which is more than a 30% increase over the same time period in 2015.

Leading the charge (ha) was the Chevrolet Volt, which saw its best sales month in its entire second generation with 2,531 deliveries, up 28% over last year. This is also a large gain in year-to-date sales over last year, with the Volt’s 21,048 sales showing a 58.5% increase. This even sets the Volt up to catch its previous best year of sales back in 2012, when 23,464 were sold.

One other surging plug-in was the Ford Fusion Energi, which had its best-ever sales month at 1,817 vehicles sold, over 944 sales last November. In addition, the LEAF saw a sales gain from last year with a total of 1,457 sold (compared to 1,054 last November).

Normal front-runner Tesla has lagged far behind in a slowdown carryover from October when production and deliveries were reduced due to a combination of the brand focusing on international production and retooling its assembly line to produce cars equipped with full self-driving vehicle hardware. By the estimation of Inside EVs, Tesla delivered about 1,400 of its Model S and about 900 of its Model X in November.

Finally, the Toyota Prius Prime finally entered the race this past month, with 781 models delivered, a record for the most sales in a debut month, according to Inside EVs.

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