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Fingerprint Technology Could Soon Supplement Traditional Key Fobs

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Photo: CNET

Fingerprinting technology is common for unlocking smartphones and accessing your bank account at certain institutions. Now, according to cybersecurity experts, automakers might soon require fingerprint technology for vehicles. Per Synaptics corporate vice president Godfrey Cheng, the technology should go mainstream in the next two to four years. “We’re making the car more secure. It’ll be a lot like online bank security.”

Increased cybersecurity risks

Cybersecurity hacks have increased in recent years, as more thieves rely on relay attacks to steal cars. While you can purchase a Faraday sleeve to protect your key fob from hackers, auto manufacturers are brainstorming ways to thwart car hacks from the start. Thus, they are developing improved vehicle designs with smarter technology. As Cheng articulated, it’s expected that car owners will still use conventional key fobs, however, in conjunction with fingerprint technology.

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Potential side perks of the technology

Not only will fingerprint technology enable drivers to start their vehicle’s engine, but it can also activate additional auto functions. For example, fingerprint technology could activate a vehicle’s memory settings based on the fingerprint. The car would then adjust the seat, navigation settings, temperature, and preferred playlists according to the impression. Teen driver safety is another application of the technology. Parents could set fingerprint-activated settings for the vehicle, to restrict where their teen driver traveled to, and which timeframes the teen could use the car.

Though some people worry about that fingerprint technology would infringe on personal privacy, the convenience of this intelligence should outweigh the risks. We anticipate more details in the days ahead as automakers start to pursue this new type of vehicle access and security system.

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News Source: USA Today