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Ford Marks Major Presence at GMIC Forum in Beijing

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Ming L. Kuang at GMIC Forum

The GMIC Forum, which took place last month December in Beijing, was sponsored by Ford Mondeo, as was the Mondeo Energi Workshop. Ford’s intention with being involved in the GMIC Forum was to spread awareness of its new energy technology as it plans to proliferate EV and hybrid vehicle offerings over the next several years.

Ming L. Kuang, Technical Leader of vehicle controls and architecture at Ford’s Research and Innovation Center, took part in the GMIC Forum by delivering a speech entitled “Smart Vehicles for a Smart World.” Kuang’s speech outlined Ford’s future strategy with regards to the application of new vehicle technology as well as the implementation of artificial intelligence and additional levels of connectivity.

Kuang was also a key speaker at the Mondeo Energi Workship, where he went over the Ford Mondeo Energi with a fine-tooth combed. Kuang also stuck around to speak with reporters about the automaker’s electrification strategy.

“I am very interested in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and the Mondeo Energi,” said Qiu Kaijun, chief editor, EV Observer. “Taking advantage of this occasion, I listened to Kuang explain the highlights of the Mondeo Energi, which was very helpful. I hope there will be more opportunities in the future to communicate directly with the company’s front-line technicians, which is very helpful for us to understand the company and products.”

“The GMIC forum was excellent,” said Shu Ning, Editor, Auto Home. “Several renowned speakers from the smart mobility industry discussed a lot of hot topics in the field including autonomous vehicles, voice recognition, new energy technologies, and Ford’s electrification strategy, which sparked our imaginations for what the future of mobility will look like.”

Ford notes that the event generated 22 media mentions by December 14th, as well as approximately 14 million clicks and interactions on social media.