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Ford Trucks Post 16 Percent Gain in Q4 2019

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Ford sales Q4 2019
Photo: Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company ended 2019 in impressive fashion when it comes to truck sales. In Q4 2019, Ford delivered 330,075 trucks and vans overall, up 15.9 percent from Q4 2018. Every Ford truck product saw a year-over-year gain in the final three months of the year, and the new Ranger closed out its first year of sales with an impressive 33,059 deliveries.

In December, the Ford F-Series closed out 2019 in much the same way it had spent the year: at the top of the sales charts. Ford sold 86,996 F-Series trucks in the final month of the year, nearly 23,000 more trucks than the second-place Ram and more than 30,000 more than the third-place Silverado. For the quarter, Ford sold 233,952 F-Series trucks, up 1.6 percent from 2018.

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Expedition, Mustang Sales Up

Ford SUV sales were down 7.9 percent in Q4 with a total of 180,957 vehicles delivered. The most growth for the quarter came from the Ford Expedition, which saw its sales shoot up 71.6 percent with 24,267 vehicles delivered. Also gaining in Q4 was the Edge with 37,621 sold (up 6.9 percent [side note: nice]) and the Flex with 6,147 sold (up 48.1 percent).

While Ford car sales were unsurprisingly down 42.6 percent, there was a considerable bright spot in the form of the Mustang. Sales of the Mustang increased 20.4 percent from Q4 2018 with 17,124 vehicles sold. Ford also delivered 42 GT supercars in Q4, up from the 24 it delivered in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Overall, Ford brand sales in Q4 were down 2.2 percent at 568,507. Ford finished the year with sales totaling 2,310,494 vehicles and with the F-Series once again ranking as the best-selling tuck in America.

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