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Garage Storage Tips for Summer Gear

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Before you know it, it’ll be time to store your summer outdoor gear for the season. And there’s no better place than your garage to keep your beach chairs, beach umbrellas, and camping gear safe until next year.

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Before you store, though, you might want to take inventory, says Houzz Contributor and Professional Organizer Jeanne Taylor. This will give you a chance to decide what should be kept, thrown out, or donated. Purging unnecessary or unwanted items will make organizing your summer gear much easier.

She recommends utilizing strong shelves or a garage cabinet system to contain sleeping mats, bags, tents, coolers, and tarps. Mesh or cotton bags are great for tent and sleeping bag storage whereas watertight storage containers or bags are not your best option, explains Taylor. This is because any condensation will magnify and result in a stinky, mildew-damaged mess, which can seriously derail any impromptu camping plans.

“You can purchase one or two clear plastic containers to hold smaller items like flashlights, matches, eating utensils, plates and cookware. That way, you can simply load these into the car when you’re ready to head out,” advises Taylor.

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Beach chairs can be hung on garage walls and should be stored near beach bags and toys, which you can keep in clear plastic storage bins, boxes, or containers to minimize clutter and search-time for beach-day essentials, advises Taylor. She also notes that before you put beach gear away, you should make sure you thoroughly wash or rinse items.

News Source: Houzz