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Get to Know the GMC Pro Safety Package

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The new 2022 Sierra features standard GMC Pro Safety features
Photo: GMC

For the 2022 model year, GMC has been busy introducing the Pro Safety package as a standard feature across much of its lineup. This package bundles together six — and sometimes more — important driver-assist technologies to help prevent and mitigate crashes and improve awareness behind the wheel.

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The only 2022 GMC models that don’t come standard with this package are the Canyon midsize pickup and the Sierra HD heavy-duty truck. All of the brand’s SUVs come equipped with it, and the refreshed 2022 Sierra even has an enhanced version. Read on for a rundown of every core GMC Pro Safety feature.

Forward Collision Alert

Forward Collision Alert uses cameras and sensors to survey the road for danger. If you’re at risk for a frontal collision, the system will notify you with lights and sounds — giving you an early warning and an opportunity to brake or steer away from danger.

Automatic Emergency Braking

If the warning you get from Forward Collision Alert isn’t enough to avoid a frontal crash, Automatic Emergency Braking steps in. It will either apply the brakes on its own or help you brake harder and faster than you could by yourself.

Front Pedestrian Braking

Front Pedestrian Braking works hand-in-hand with Automatic Emergency Braking, automatically hitting the brakes to keep your GMC vehicle from hitting and injuring pedestrians in its path.

A white 2022 GMC Yukon AT4 drives on a gravel road among the mountains
The GMC Pro Safety package also comes standard on the 2022 Yukon
Photo: GMC

Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning

This two-part system keeps you on course while you drive, alerting you audibly and visually if the vehicle strays out of its lane. You’ll also get a little steering-wheel nudge reminding you to correct the vehicle’s course.

Following Distance Indicator

The Following Distance Indicator helps you keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle you’re driving behind, showing you if you’re closer than the recommended 3 seconds.


IntelliBeam automatically switches your GMC vehicle’s headlights to the high-beam setting if no vehicles are in your path. When IntelliBeam detects oncoming traffic or you come up behind another vehicle, the lights change back to their regular brightness.

Pro Safety upgrades

A couple of GMC models add standard upgrades to these six Pro Safety features. The 2022 Sierra also gets Buckle to Drive, which makes you fasten your seat belt before shifting out of park. The 2022 Acadia comes standard with GMC Pro Safety Plus, which adds Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Rear Park Assist, and Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert.

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